Le jeudi 24 août 2017



LÉGENDE : (COMP) Compétition mondiale / World Competition – (PRE) Compétition mondiale des premières œuvres – First Film Competition – (HC) Hors Concours / World Greats – (REG) Regards sur les cinémas du monde / Focus on World Cinema – (DOC) Documentaires du monde / Documentaries of the world – (HOM) Hommages / Tributes – (ffe-c) Festival du film étudiant canadien / Canadian student film festival (comp-c) Courts-métrage en compétition / short film competition
(s.t.f.) sous-titres francais / french subtitles - (s.t.a.) sous-titres anglais / english subtitles



280km (ffe-c)
Zaher Jureidini ; Liban ;23 min.; arabe s.t.a.
A Syrian taxi driver on the road with his three Lebanese passengers towards the Syrian-Lebanese border finds himself in a risky situation when he discovers that his passengers are smuggling stolen historical artifacts from Syria.

Farewell to flesh (Adeus à carne) (ffe-c)
Julia Anquier ; Brésil ; 11 min.; portugais s.t.a.
During Carnival, in an unrestrained Rio de Janeiro, three girls revel in a drug fueled street party. When a man crosses their path, he makes a mistake that leads to terrible consequences.

L’homme chasseur (The Hunter) (ffe-c)
Leila Basmna ; Liban ; 17 min.; français s.t.a.
Rami, un adolescent de dix-sept ans, rêve chaque nuit qu’il tue un inconnu.
Rami, a 17-years-old teenager, dreams every night that he kills a stranger.

Last Virgin (La ultima virgen) (ffe-c)
Bàrbara Farré ; Espagne ; 18 min.; espagnol s.t.a.
Sara, a 13-year-old-girl, has the need to leave her innocence in order to get inside the adult world, so that she can fit into her circle of friends. Surrounded by a world where only the appearance matters, sara is going to see her will forced, and therefore will become another victim of this society. A portrait of the 2000s generation where mobiles, the internet and earlier sexuality cannot be unnoticed.

Love by numbers (ffe-c)
Ashlee Hamilton ; Australie ; 14 min.; anglais
Love by Numbers follows the story of our protagonist, Zoe, who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. In Zoe's mind, her intemperate hand-washing, personal space issues and germ phobia have never made her a desirable candidate for a successful relationship. Until one of her previous one-night stands, Joel, decides to change her mind. He challenges her to go on the
'ultimate date' with him, where they will explore the best activities a first date has to offer as well as the worst activities for their OCD. By the end of the night, the question of whether they can be together, will be answered.

Nipenthes (ffe-c)
Jon Simvonis ; Grèce ; 14 min.; grec s.t.a.
Through the walls of an abandoned commune, a thread runs knitting the moments of the silent individuals accompanying the deceased while his death suit is getting ready.

OPEN DOORS (ffe-long métrage)
Pavel Marcano ; Argentina ; 64 min.; espagnol s.t.a.
Bonifacio is just one of the hundreds of patients who live in Open Door, a psychiatric hospital located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. After several failed attempts to reintegrate into society, he has no other choice than to make the hospital his home, and his fellow patients, his family.


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