FÉNIX 11.23 / FÉNIX 11.23

2012, Colour, Spain, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)
Original language : catalan
Subtitles language : english

FÉNIX 11.23


Production Team

Director : Joel Joan, Sergi Lara

Screenwriter : Albert Plans Soriano, Hèctor Hernández. D'après/Based on: Èric i l'exèrcit del fènix. De/By: Èric Bertran

Cinematographer : Bet Rourich

Editor : Guillermo de la Cal

Cast : Nil Cardoner, Rosa Gàmiz, Pay Poch, Lluís Villanueva, Roberto Álamo, Ana Wagener

Music : Roger Julià

Film production and Sales : Xavier Atance, Joel Joan, Benecé Produccions, Passatge 10, 08023 Barcelone (Espagne), tél.: (+34-493) 284 07 19, films@benece.es / Arriska Films, Barcelone (Espagne)



In autumn 2004, Èric Beltran, a 14-year-old Barcelona boy who has just begun to find girls interesting, creates a website inspired by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to defend the Catalan language. One night, thirty federal officers from the anti-terrorist unit in Madrid burst into his house, confiscate his computer equipment and accuse him of cyberterrorism. His crime? Sending email to a chain of supermarkets requesting that labeling should be in Catalan. The judicial machine starts up...



Actor, theatre director Joel Joan studied drama and made his film debut directing Excuses! in 2003. He has done several TV series and acted in features such as Manuel Huerga's SALVADOR (2006) and Woody Allen's VICKY, CRISTINA BARCELONA (2008). Sergi Lara has made commercials, numerous music videos, and he has directed and produced extensively on Spanish television.



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Sunday September 1, 2013 - 11:40 AM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL


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