2013, Colour, Croatia (Hrvatska), World Competition (full length movies)



Production Team

Director : Robert Orhel

Screenwriter : Robert Orhel

Cinematographer : Stanko Herceg

Editor : Ivana Fumic

Cast : Ecija Ojdanic, Iva Babic, Milan Strljic, Milan Plestina, Barbara Nola, Enes Vejzovic, Mia Biondic, Pjer Menicanin

Music : Daniel Biffel

Film production and Sales : Ankika Juric Tilic, Kinorama, Stoosova 25, 10000 Zagreb (Croatie), tél.: (+385-01) 231 67 87. ankica@kinorama.hr / Hrvastska Radiotelevizjia, Zagreb (Croatie), tél.: (+385-01) 634 35 55, hrt@hrt.hr



One accidental gun shot links the destinies of two young women – Anita, an inspector who gets along very well in her professional life and quite well in her private life as well, and Petra, a young woman whose everyday life would surely be simpler if she did not have to take care of her alcoholic mother. The investigation of the accidental shot will bring them together at a moment when they both find out that they are pregnant. At crucial turning points in their lives, each in their own world and equally left on their own, these two women will, step by step, grow close during the investigation. They were not planning it, they did not want it; it happened accidentally. And the accidental circumstance will radically change the courses in life that they were planning.



Croatian filmmaker Robert Orhel (b. 1975) graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where he is now a lecturer. He is a member of the Croatian Film and TV Directors Guild. In addition to commercials and music videos, he directed numerous documentaries: Amateur Filmmaker, Brazil, Brazil, Direct, Time Witnesses; several episodes of the TV series Mamutica, Good Intentions and Theatre in the House; and three short films, At 4 o’clock (1996), Sunny Side of Saturday (1999) and Fly, Fly (2003). ONE SHOT marks his debut in features.



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