2013, Colour, Italy, France, World Competition (full length movies)
Original language : italian
Subtitles language : french



Production Team

Director : Marco Risi

Screenwriter : Marco Risi, Andrea Purgatori, Jim Carrington

Cinematographer : Marco Onorato

Editor : Clelio Benevento

Cast : Luca Argentero, Eva Herzigova, Claudio Amendola, Pippo Delbono, Pietro Ragusa, Bebo Storti, Marco Leonardi, Jan Tarnovskiy

Music : Marco Benevento

Film production and Sales : Angelo Barbagallo, Bibi Films (Italie) / Babe Films, 8, rue Lincoln, 75008 Paris (France), tél.: (+33-01) 58 36 19 00,



Outside a Rome nightclub, a teenage boy dies in a car accident. Nothing suggests that this is anything more than a simple collision, but Corso, a former cop turned private detective, is convinced otherwise. Michelle, the mother of the young man and Corso's former mistress, is now the partner of Argento, a powerful and well-connected lawyer. During the investigation a body is discovered, that of an engineer who was apparently close to the lawyer. Bribery, wiretapping, espionage, a mob settling of accounts: he's dogged, but it won't be easy for Corso to get to the bottom of Michelle's son's death. "We often talk about genre films, citing the need to bring them back for a new audience. Well here's a genre film. A thriller with a film noir tone. With a hero, a blonde and bad guys. I really wanted to make a film like this. I think this is the best way to tell something about our country. Without excessive moralism. The atmosphere is that of thrillers of the 40s. Corso is a detective, a solitary guy who's a stickler about details. You could call him a 'romantic'. Convinced that things should go one way, but aware that they almost always go in the opposite direction: the direction that's convenient." -- Marco Risi



Born in Milan, Italy in 1951, Marco Risi apprenticed as assistant to his father, Nelo Risi, on A SEASON IN HELL (1970), then launched his own prolific career. Among his features: Appunti su Hollywood (1978), VADO A VIVERE DA SOLO (1982), UN RAGAZZO ET UNA RAGAZZA (1984), COLPO DI FULMINE (1985), SOLDATI - 365 ALL'ALBA (1987), FOREVER MARY (1989, shown at the Montreal World Film Festival), RAGAZZI FUORI (1990), IL BRANCO (1994), TRE MOGLI (2001), MARADONA, THE HAND OF GOD (2006), FORTAPÀSC (2009).



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Friday August 23, 2013 - 09:30 PM - THÉATRE MAISONNEUVE
Saturday August 24, 2013 - 04:30 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL


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