2012, Colour, France, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)
Original language : french
Subtitles language : english



Production Team

Director : Justine Malle

Screenwriter : Justine Malle, Cécile Vargaftig

Cinematographer : Nicolas Pernot

Editor : Olivier Ferrari

Cast : Esther Garrel, Didier Bezace, Émile Bertherat, Lucia Sanchez, Christèle Tual, Augustin Bonhomme

Film production and Sales : Rémis Pradinas, Tupelo Films, 110, boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris (France) Ventes/Sales: Pyramide Films, 5, rue Chevalier St George, 75008 Paris (France),



"Juliette is at college hoping to learn, she admits, how to form an opinion. Her father is a well-known filmmaker with three kids from three different women, and while Juliette doesn’t live with him, the two are relatively close. Still a virgin, she’s eager to lose that status to noncommittal Benjamin, using Bob Dylan’s 'I Want You' to set the mood. Meanwhile, Juliette’s unwillingness to admit her father’s mortality, plus her confusion in matters of the heart, prevent her from fully engaging during Dad’s final days." -- Variety



Daughter of celebrated director Louis Malle and actress Alexandra Stewart, Justine Malle studied at Brown University in Rhode Island and has worked as an achivist, contributor to the French film magazine Positif and director. Her films include Lumière d'avril, Carnets de Shanghai (2005), Cet été-là (2007) and Surpris par le froid (2008). YOUTH is her first feature.



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