2013, Colour, Israel, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)



Production Team

Director : Danni Reisfeld

Screenwriter : Danni Reisfeld

Cinematographer : Ram Shweky

Editor : Daniel Avitzur

Cast : Meitai Gal, Natasha Manor, Yevgeny Orlov, Zeev Revach, Zura Vulkan Kartvelishvily, Alex Rogovskoi

Music : Alon Ohana

Film production and Sales : Dafna Prenner, Shai Eines, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Amir Golan, Guy Behar, Artza Productions Ltd., 7 Nayal Ayalon Street, 6777151 Tel-Aviv (Israël), / United King Films (Israël)



In the 1990s, a million former Soviet Jews arrived in Israel. While many embraced the Israeli lifestyle, others chose to live in self-made Russian ghettos. These ghettos were fertile ground for the creation of self-hating Jewish skinheads. This is the story of Alex, a young Russian immigrant who joins a gang of skinheads, led by his older brother. An unexpected meeting with David, a religious Moroccan Jew, gives Alex a chance to pursue his longtime dream of becoming a boxer like his father. Alex finds himself torn between his two father figures -- his violent brother and his new Jewish trainer, only to find out the truth about those he so admires.



Born in 1976, Israeli filmmaker Danny Reisfeld teaches cinema at the Tiberias Technical College and has worked extensively on Israeli television. He made his directorial debut with My Brother's Soul in 2000, followed by The White Panthers, a mockumentary short, in 2001, and Roots of Rage in 2003. WHITE PANTHER is his first feature.



Saturday August 24, 2013 - 12:40 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 16
Sunday August 25, 2013 - 10:20 AM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 16
Monday August 26, 2013 - 10:10 AM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 16
Tuesday August 27, 2013 - 09:40 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 10 (Écran Air Canada)


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