2013, Colour, Germany, Mexico, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)
Original language : spanish
Subtitles language : english



Production Team

Director : José Luis Valle

Screenwriter : José Luis Valle

Cinematographer : César Gutiérrez Miranda

Editor : Óscar Figueroa Jara

Cast : Jesús Padilla, Susana Salazar, Bárbara Perrín Rivemar, Sergio Limón, Vera Talaia, Adolfo Madera

Film production and Sales : José Luis Valle, Elsa Reyes, IMCINE/FOPROCINE, Mexico (Mexique) / Zensky Cine, Mexico (Mexique), Ventes/Sales: MPM Film, 17, rue Julien Lacroix, 75020 Paris (France),



After spending their whole lives working in Tijuana, Rafael and Lidia become victims of gross injustices. Rafael learns that due to a paperwork mistake, he will not be entitled to his retirement pension. As for Lidia, she finds out that her employer's will leaves all the heirlooms to the dog. In their own way, alone and in silence, they begin a battle: Rafael against a company, Lidia against a dog. Curiously, these struggles are invisible.



Born in El Salvador, Mexican filmmaker José Luis Valle has authored books for children and he has directed several shorts. His feature documentary, THE POPE'S MIRACLE (2009), won the FEISAL award at the Guadalajara Festival. His shorts include: Tomo VII (2002), Gravísima historia (2004), Quimera (2005), Agua para viajeros (2011). WORKERS is his first fiction feature.



Friday August 23, 2013 - 09:30 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL
Sunday August 25, 2013 - 02:30 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 10 (Écran Air Canada)
Tuesday August 27, 2013 - 04:30 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 10 (Écran Air Canada)


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