À mille lieues de la révolution / A Thousand Leagues of the Revolution

2013, Colour, Canada, Documentaries of the World (short movies)
Original language : french
Subtitles language : english

A Thousand Leagues of the Revolution


Production Team

Director : Behzad Adib

Cast : Imad Al-Zawahra, Denise Karakach

Film production and Sales : Olivier Barthomeuf, INIS, 301, boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Montréal, QC, H2X 1K1 (Canada), tél. : 514 285-1840, festival@inis.qc.ca



Imad immigrated to Montreal from Syria in 1984. These days his time is unevenly divided between his family, his job as a taxi driver and his comsumption of news from his native land.



-- Iranian-born Behzad Adib studied medicine in France before enrolling in education in Quebec. He has worked as an actor and theatre director.



Wednesday August 28, 2013 - 07:30 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12
Sunday September 1, 2013 - 03:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11


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