2013, Colour, China, World Competition (full length movies)



Production Team

Director : Shi Wei

Screenwriter : Shengsheng H. D'après/Based on: The Ferry. De/By: Shengsheng He

Cinematographer : Wang Yang

Editor : Wang Qiuyue, Zhang Sheng

Cast : Zhou Guangda

Music : Wang Yuanping

Film production and Sales : Peng Yanfang, Qiang Chen, Hubei Film Studio, 139 Wangsongyuan Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan, Hubei Prov. (Chine), tél.: (+86-27) 8548 89 03, Ventes/Sales: China Film Promotion International, Room 305, Red Chamber, 25 Xinwai Street, Beijing 100082 (Chine),



Deep in the Enshi mountains, the Tian family live near an old ferry. To keep a commitment made by their forebears, three generations of the Tian family have helped people cross the river without collecting a penny for the ride. Using a wooden punt, they ferry the villagers across the Dasha river which divides the village. A widower in his 60s, his son away outside the village, Tian Huai’en is the third generation of the family to work the ferry. These years Huai’en has been living alone in a small stone hut built by the villagers, spending every day and night with his ferry, living a lonely and monotonous life. One day, his son Chuanjie takes a break from his job to visit his sick dad. He does not understand why Huai’en insists on running a free ferry. To explain, his father recounts how when Chuanjie’s great grandfather and his family came as refugees, the villagers sheltered them. The Tians began providing the free ferry as a token of their gratitude, and a tradition was established. Now Chuanjie wonders whether he should relieve his father. After spending his vacation rowing the ferry, Chuanjie realizes its significance. As his contribution to its future, he decides to save up and replace the wooden punt with a motorboat. Will the tradition continue?



Chinese filmmaker Shi Wei joined the August First Studio in 1978 and over the years has worked as an assistant director, a script assistant, a second unit director, a production manager and a director. He has numerous television series to his credit. Among his theatrical features: WAR OF NINGBO SHANGHAI HANGZHOU, SPRING IS COMING, TORNADO COMMANDER HAN XIANCHU, FLYING BEYOND SHANGHAIGUAN.



Tuesday August 27, 2013 - 09:00 AM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL
Tuesday August 27, 2013 - 07:00 PM - THÉATRE MAISONNEUVE
Wednesday August 28, 2013 - 02:00 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL


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