2013, Colour, Germany, Documentaries of the World (full length movies)
Original language : Allemand
Subtitles language : s.t.a.



Production Team

Director : Michael Teutsch

Screenwriter : Michael Teutsch

Cinematographer : Hans-Albrecht Lusznat, Michael Teutsch

Editor : Julia Furch, Sophie Oldenbourg

Music : Wolfgang Neumann

Film production and Sales : Michael Teutsch, Filmglas München, Arcisstr. 60, D-80799 Munich (Allemagne), Ventes/Sales: Björn Jensen, Ginger Foot Films, Tassiloweg 12, 85737 Munich-Ismaning (Allemagne), tél.: (+49-89) 8909 11 401,



Jerusalem, 1936. German-Jewish immigrants open Café Ta'amon on King-George Street. In 1950 the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, establishes itself across the street and Ta'amon becomes a meeting spot for leading politicians like Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Itzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin. Over the years activists from left and right have argued over coffee at Ta'amon. 2013: Mordechai Kopp, owner of the place since 1960, is now 85 and he wants to retire. He intends to close the café. Israeli politics will have to be debated in the Knesset.



Born in 1945, Michael Teutsch began his career as a cinematographer, but since 1996 has also written, produced and directed his own films. These include Here They Call Us Turks (2001), Sound of Freedom (2004), From Hell to Paradise or Chopin Saved Me (2005) and At First I Was Called White Boss (2009). CAFÉ TA'AMON is his first feature documentary.



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