2013, Colour, China, World Greats
Original language : chinese
Subtitles language : english



Production Team

Director : Wang Jing

Screenwriter : Xie Xiaodong, Zhou Rongyang

Cinematographer : Liu Younian

Editor : Feng Wen

Cast : Feng Yuanzheng, Tai Li-jen, Feng Bo, Yang Yang, Qian Xuege, Ma Jingwu, Yu Shaoqun

Music : Friedemann

Film production and Sales : Xie Xiaodong, Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co., Ltd., # 123, Jiangzhou South Road, Taizhou, Jiangsu (Chine), tél.: (+10) 8284 94 12, fax: (+10) 6880 68 81, masswayfilm@vip.sina.com



In 1642, two years before the collapse of the Ming Dynasty, rebels surround the city of Kaifeng. Needing every resource available for the coming battle, the emperor releases General Sun Chuanting, whom he had previously jailed after the fall of Chi-nan Fu. The general's orders now are to defeat the rebels. Adding to the regime's problems is the spread of infectious diseases, in particular one resembling the flu. Wu Youke, a doctor, surmises that it might be transmitted by airborne "liqi", and he has developed a way of dealing with the epidemic, but he is too far ahead of his time and his colleagues disparage his theory. When General Sun arrives at the regime's key military base, he finds that there are far fewer soldiers than he was informed, that many of the weapons and much of the gunpowder are useless due to lack of maintenance, and that the land that was supposed to grow food for the army was illegally sold to corrupt local officials. And, worst of all, disease is devastating the entire garrison. Even its doctor has died. General Sun has no other choice but to summon Wu Youke and gamble on his radical theory. General Sun and Dr. Wu are now two isolated men fighting impossible odds.



Born in Xuzhou, China in 1966, Wang Jing heads the the cinematography department of the Beijing Film Academy. His filmmaking credits include writing, production and direction of documentaries, shorts and features. Selected filmography: YAO (2001), LIFE AND NOODLES (2003), THE LAST LEVEL (2005), INVISIBLE KILLER (2010), SOMETHING ABOUT KIDS (2011), VEGETATE (2011), FENG SHUI 2012.



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