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Mammoud, a man in his late fifties, owns “Mahmoud Photocopy shop,” in the lower middle-class neighborhood of Abdou Pasha. Mahmoud used to work as a typist in a state-owned newspaper, till one day journalist started to use their laptops and send their stories through a computerized system. His profession became obsolete, and typists were redistributed to other departments, like the archive and the cafeteria. Mahmoud decided to settle for an early retirement, opened his shop, where he mostly does nothing more than plugging in a flash-drive and printing its content. One day, he was asked to print a student research paper about the possible reasons that led to the extinction of dinosaurs. He becomes obsessed with the topic, which might explain to him the reason behind his own deteriorating financial status, and the dwindling numbers of his customers.



Monday September 4, 2017 - 05:00 PM - CINEMA DOLLAR


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