Awards of the Montreal World Film Festival - 1983





Marie-Christine Barrault, actress (France) Président

Roger Ebert, film critic (U.S.A.)

Reinhard Hauff, director (West Germany)

Harry Rasky, director (Canada)

Daniel Schmid, director (Switzerland)

Chen Xuyi, dir. of dubbing studio (People's Republic of China)

Krzysztof Zanussi, director (Poland)




Feature films:


Grand Prix of the Americas / Best film:

« The Go Masters » by Junya Sato and Duan Jishun (China/Japan)


Special jury award:

« Benvenuta » by André Delvaux (Belgium/France)


Jury award:

« Bearn o la Sala de las Munecas » by Jaime Chavarri (Spain)


Best actress:

« Yuko Tanaka » in the film « Amagi Pass » by Haruhiko Mimura (Japan)


Best actors:

Gérard Depardieu and Wojciech Pszoniak in the film « Danton » by Andrzej Wajda (France/Poland)


Short films:

Special jury award:

Norman McLaren for his life-time achievements in cinema on the occasion of the world premiere of his film « Narcisse » (Canada)


Montreal grand prix:

« The Plant » by Thomas Vamos and Joyce Borenstein (Canada)


Other awards:

 International press award for the best Canadian feature film out of competition:

« The Tin Flute » by Claude Fournier


Ecumenical jury award:

« The Go Masters » by Junya Sato and Duan Jishun (Chine/Japon)


Air Canada awards for the most popular films of the Festival:

« Carmen » by Carlos Saura (Spain)

« The Gods Must be Crazy » by Jamie Uys (Botswana)


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