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LEGEND : (COMP) Compétition mondiale / World Competition – (PRE) Compétition mondiale des premières œuvres – First Film Competition – (HC) Hors Concours / World Greats – (REG) Regards sur les cinémas du monde / Focus on World Cinema – (DOC) Documentaires du monde / Documentaries of the world – (HOM) Hommages / Tributes – (ffe-c) Festival du film étudiant canadien / Canadian student film festival (comp-c) Courts-métrage en compétition / short film competition
(s.t.f.) sous-titres francais / french subtitles - (s.t.a.) sous-titres anglais / english subtitles

4 eyes (comp-c)
Michael Clowater; Canada; 15 min; anglais s.t.f.
Four Eyes is a distinctly North American story about growing up in the suburbs in the 1970s. At its core, this is a love story between and mother and son and how they both need each other in order to learn how to stand up for themselves. It’s about the complicated nature of love and family and the benefits of going off script when it comes to parenting.

Anderson (comp-c)
Rodrigo Meireles;  Brésil; 20 min; portugais s.t.a, s.t.f.
This short comic documentary is a very spontaneous, entertaining and uplifting film that shows how a special person deal with his issues without having a dramatic or too sentimental approach, as he wishes.

Aya (comp-c)
Francesca Canepa;  Pérou; 9 min;.quechua s.t.a.
Aya is a quechua word which means soul or dead body. This short film is about Juan, a 9 years old boy who works in a salt mine. The child is willing to betray his principles in order to please the last wish of his mother.

Blackpowder and guilt (Poudre noire et culpabilité) (comp-c)
Faran Moradi; Canada; 24 min; anglais
In 1970’s rural Canada, a man revisits the forest where he was forces into adulthood at age 11. He must come to terms with the guilt of his past…

Buoy  (comp-c)
Christopher Nelius et Justin Mc Millian ;Australie; Anglais
In a sleepy coastal town 16 year-old Corey arrives late for his last day of work on a council shark-meshing boat. But after the captain Mick reveals that his deckhand has quit and they’re down a man for the day, they head out onto the ocean where Corey faces a responsibility he is not ready for.

Cage for a Talking Parrot (comp-c)
Iryna Asonova; Ukraine; 15 min; anglais
Story of a young man who comes back from the war, but post-traumatic war syndrome does not allow him to return to normal life.

Cavern (Caverne)) (Hurlum) (comp-c)
Nilas Chamby-Rus; Danemark; 28 min; danois s.t.f.
Ida (Mei Long Bao) has a desire for garbage. Meanwhile, her mother's exhibionistic tendencies  are revealed by the neighbours, forcing Ida to deal with her own paraphilia.

Confection (comp-c)
Ed Rigg; Royaume-Uni; 33 min; anglais
Set in a sleepy English seaside town, Confection is a comedy about a not-quite-grown up who finds himself accidentally catapulted into the thick of a grown up situation.

Ditch (comp-c)
Adrian Elliot; États-Unis; 18 min; anglais
Set in a haunting pseudo-suburban landscape, a resentful young mother and her plable teenage son independantly decide to abandon their responsibilities on the same day.

The Cardboard Man (L’homme en papier maché) (El hombre de carton) (comp-c)
Michael Labarca; Venezuela, France; 13 min; espagnol s.t.a.
It's Diego seventh birthday and something's wrong. No one understands why he refuses to smash the piñata he happily picked up earlier with his father.

Elene  (comp-c)
Sezen Kayhan; Turquie, Géorgie; 12 min;turc, géorgien s.t.a.
16 Years old Elene is a Georgian illegal immigrant who works at a plantation in Turkey. Feeling threatened by various enconters, she tries to be invisible in this foreign land.

En la boca (comp-c)
Matteo Gariglio; Argentine, Suisse; 26 min; espagnol s.t.a.
In Buenos Aires the Molina family lives and works in the shadows of the legendary Boca Juniors Stadium. Selling fake tickets to the soccer games, they constantly get in confliuct with the corrupt police. As her family sinks deeper in this underworld, the mother tries in vain to keep them from falling apart.

First Strike (Premier coup) (Prima lovitura) (comp-c)
Peter Kerek; Roumanie; 15 min; sans paroles
On a lazy summer afternoon family road trip, a 10- year-old boy lays on the backseat of the car and drifts away in a daydream. He envisions a rivalry with a gang of feral kids, a fight for supremacy in the shape of a football. His reverie soon surpasses the unpredictable reality and continues even after death.

Girl at the Door (Hye-ri)  (comp-c)
Ju-Sung Song; Corée du Sud; 12 min; coréen s.t.a.
Hye-ri lives with her father, who turns into a violent person when he is inebriated. Unlike her submissive mother and little brother, Hye-ri learns the armbar maneuver from her boxing coach to get the upper hand.

Haircut (comp-c)
Lora Campbell; Canada; 9 min; anglais
This short film explores the relationship between the physical and the feminine.

Karmasutra  (comp-c)
Cristian Bota; Roumanie; 23 min; anglais s.t.a.
After five years of relation two couples are trying to manage their problems and find a new meaning in their couple lives.

Land (Zamin) (comp-c)
Samiramis Kia; Canada; 11 min.; farsi, anglais; s.t.a.
Sherif is an Afghan man who is in Canada to visit his daughter. Due to his passport expiry issue, Sherif has to stay here for a longer time. One day he meets Sarah, a Canadian woman, whom he came to know when he worked in a food truck, days ago. Regardless of their cultural and communicative differences, they are able to communicate, but things don’t go on as he wishes.

The Clown (Le clown) (comp-c)
Maxime Genois; Canada; 17 min; français s.t.a.
An aspiring actor, who works as an entertainer for kids at birthday parties, is hired for what he thinks will be a typical party but instead, he goes through a lifechanging experience.

Margot (comp-c)
Camille de Galbert;  États-Unis; 15 min; anglais
Margot follows the inner journey of a young woman struggling to reconnect with reality as she delves through layers of her subconscious and key moments of her childhood.

Memory of the Peace (comp-c)
Jean Parsons, Jennifer Chiu; Canada; 25 min; anglais
Documentary portrait of Fort St. John (BC), ground of the highly contested Site C hydroelectric dam A young male oil worker, an Indigenous female, and a Dane-zaa drummer intersect in this historic oil-rush town as they navigate the cyclical forces of industry, resource extraction and colonization that have shaped Canada for a century and a half.

Motherdaughtersister (Mèrefillesoeur)  (Madrehijahermana) (comp-c)
Alfonso Nogueroles; Espagne; 17 min; espagnol; s.t.a, s.t.f.
Eli, a young divorcee, spends the weekend at her mother’s house where she also meets her younger half-sister. As the days go on, we witness their own personal problems while the tension between them builds up

Must Kill Karl (comp-c)
Joe Kicak; Canada; 12 min; anglais
Everyone has “that” friend - the one who shows up uninvited, drinks all your booze, and hits on your girlfriend - who we all secretly hate and wish wouldjust go away; one night, a group of friends decide enough is enough andthere’s only one way to get rid of him for good… they MUST KILL KARL.

Nine knots (comp-c)
Lorena Colmenares; Venezuela; 10 min; espagnol s.t.a.
Nine knots, a prayer for each one, and then, nine wishes for the soul that no longer  inhabits in the earth. María knew about the cult thanks to her mother and knew how to tie them thanks to her father. But now she and her brother José are alone.

No Song to Sing (comp-c)
Lukasz Gasiorowski ; Japon, Royaume-Uni; 24 min.; japonnais s.t.a.
Natsu, a professional femme fatale works for a typical Tokyo “Telephone Date Club”. She enjoys selling fantasies to lonely men, but as she becomes emotionally entangled in the web of her own deceptions, she finds herself unable to pay the price of her own merchandise.

Offstage (comp-c)
Andrei Hutuleac; Roumanie; 25 min;roumain s.t.a, s.t.f.
A failed theatre director, Maria is projecting her own failures on her only son, obsessively wanting to make a great actor out of him despite his obvious lack of talent. How far is she willing to go?

Revelation – The City of Haze (Qi shi lu – Wu mai zhi cheng) (comp-c)
Qichao Mao; Chine; 14 min; chinois s.t.a.
After witnessing his mother's death during a riot, Mai broke down and could not even remember his own name. One day, a girl named Yi, who’s a scavenger, finds Mai in a garbage can and brings takes him back to the City of Haze. A decade later, a new riot reminds Mai of his mother's death. He decides to join the fight and then gets arrested. During his years in prison, old Mai thinks of all that Ji, now deceased, has done for him and seeks a way to honor her memory.

Slap Happy (comp-c)
Dusty Mancinelli; Canada; 11 min; anglais
A dysfunctional couple with a penchant for twisted sexual fantasies fight to stay together as their relationship crumbles over the course of a day.

Sleepwalk (comp-c))
Andrew Chung; Canada; 15 min; anglais
After a string of cryptic sleepwalking spells, Alicia inadvertently reveals a harrowing truth about her past that forces her husband, Bernard, to reevaluate their failing marriage.

Testament (comp-c)
Eric Jean; Canada; 14 min; français s.t.a.
A young woman brings us into her wild and fantastic world as she realized that her death is imminent. This film is adapted from the novel Testament, written in the urgency by the Canadian author Vickie Gendreau at the age of 23, after learning that she was suffering from an incurable cancer.

The Same Nothing (Toujours rien) (O mesmo nada) (comp-c)
Andrea Prado; Brésil; 14 min; portugais s.t.f , s.t.a.
Heitor and Jolie are children with destinies predetermined by their parents. As might be expected, their respective lives do not attain the expected success in adulthood and hence a bitter and regretful life, reflecting past decisions.

The Babysitter (comp-c)
Heli  Hardy; Israël; 20 min; hébreu s.t.a.
Yafit, 30, is working as a babysitter in an 'all inclusive' hotel in Eilat, (The southest city in Israel), all day she dressed as a Giraffe playing with children. One day Ron, 37, an old unfulfilled love from her past comes for vacation in her hotel. Will he change Yafit's world?

The Last Church Bells (Posledenite kambani) (comp-c)
Nikolce Popovski ; Macédoine; 13 min; sans paroles
An old man, the only occupant of a deserted village, goes to church every day in the morning, not only to light a candle and say his pray, but to communicate with his friend, the last remaining occupant of the other village. They do it in a rather unusual way. They are having their conversation via church bells.

The Other Side of Dooman River (comp-c)
SeWoong, Bae; Corée du Sud; 21 min; coréen s.t.a.
Two North Korean soldiers guard a watch looking out for defectors across the Dooman river. Junior soldier secretly heads down to the river. At meadow, he founds out defectors.

The Painted Calf (El becerro pintado) (comp-c)
David Pantaleón, Rodríguez Rivero; Espagne; 9 min; espagnol s.t.a.
Those who worship the Golden Calf base their life on materialism and seek to obtain goods and wealth with their devotion. Lying and looting become a common practice.

This is Ed! (C’est Ed!) (comp-c)
Bob Hiltermann; États-Unis; 7 min; anglais s.t.f.
“This is Ed!!,” is a lighthearted comedy based on a true story, illustrating that the difficulties two deaf friends have communicating with each other, can have a humorous side.

Uchebnik  (comp-c).
David Csicskár ; Hongrie; 18 min; hongrois s.t.a.
In October, 1956, during the Hungarian revolution against communism, a small town’s students burn their russian books believing they’ll never have to learn russian language again. After the revolution is crushed by the soviet troops, the students need to have their russian books in order not to be kicked out of  school. A young boy risks his life and limbs to help his idol, an older boy from the school finding a book while he tries to be a friend of him.

Under  Mom’ Skirt (Les trompes de ma mère) (comp-c)
Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix; France;13 min; français
In a small Florida town, a young French woman goes with her mother to a routine medical check-up to act as her interpreter. However she is taken by surprise when she learns that it is actually a gynecological examination she is attending. But, the biggest revelations are yet to come…

Wishing Box (comp-c)
Wenli Zhang; États-Unis; 6 min; sans paroles
This animated short film is about a pirate, Derek,  and his sidekick monkey. After years sailing, they finally found a treasure.

With Thelma (Avec Thelma) (comp-c)
Ann Sirot; Belgique, France; 13 min; français
An Icelandic volcano has blocked air traffic and Thelma’s parents are stuck overseas. Until planes start flying across the sky again, Jean Vincent and Thelma share the same roof.

Wolf (Varg) (comp-c)
Erik Andersson, Frida Kempff; Suède; 11 min; suédois s.t.a.
Charlie and her dad keep sheeps. A wolf kill sheeps. Charlie needs to act.

You Say Yes (comp-c)
Arran Shearing; Canada; 14 min; anglais
Two oblivious movers find a less than warm welcome when they are hired to evict a resident from a women’s shelter.

Yto (comp-c)
Noureddine Ayouch; Maroc; 25 min; arabe, français s.t.a.
Y'to returns from the New World to cross the ruins of her past. She learns that her mother has been murdered by her stepfather, the highly influential Hay Britel. How to punish such a powerful man? This time, Y'to has no choice but to face her past.


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