Sunday August 27, 2017


with Haofeng Xu at L’ASTRAL

(305, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, coin Bleury)


Chinese Martial Art Filmmaker Xu Haofeng's new work #thehiddensword has entered the 2017 Montreal World Film Festival and is premiering in Montreal tonight. Press conference will be hosted tomorrow. We humbly invite all parties and individuals of interest to come and participate. For RSVP and all inquiries please email



The Hidden Sword – Chine / China

In 1933, Chinese army has won the war against Japan. The key to this success is the unique use of the sword, developed by an old man. As his technique attracts people from all over the country, he escapes with his grandson Kong to live peacefully. Kong adopts a girl named Qingqing, with whom he progressively develops feelings. Being the foster father of Qingqing, Kong is at a loss. In the meanwhile, outsiders who covert the secret of the sword intrude into the village.




Born in 1973, Beijing, China, Haofeng Xu began learning martial arts when he was 14. He then entered Beijing Film Academy for film directing. He has since become a lecturer in his alma mater's Directing Department.

In 2007, Xu wrote a martial arts fantasy Monk Comes Down the Mountain, which became a best-seller. Its popularity garnered the interest of filmmaker Chen Kaige, who adapted the novel into a film of the same title in 2015. 
In 2011, Xu debut as film director with The Sword Identity, which premiered at the 68th Venice Film Festival to a generally positive reception. The following year, he was approached by Wong Kar-wai to be a screenwriter for The Grandmaster. The film won Best Screenplay at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards.
In 2014, Xu published a critically acclaimed novella The Master, which became the basis for his 2015 film of the same title. The film was nominated for 2015 Golden Horse Awards Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best Choreography. The film won Best Choreography. The Hidden Sword is his fourth feature film.


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