PUPI AVATI A Master of Italian Cinema In Montreal for the MWFF

Wednesday August 27, 2014


Montreal, August 26, 2014 - For its 38th edition, the Montreal World Film Festival is delighted to host the great director, screenwriter and Italian producer, Pupi Avati. The director is presenting UN RAGAZZO D’ORO (A Golden Boy) in the world competition, starring Sharon Stone and italiian actor Riccardo Scamarcio.

            The World Competition feature film UN RAGAZZO D'ORO (A Golden Boy), tells the story of Davide Bias. In the past, Bias’s father, Ettore, was a writer of mediocre films. Davide dreams of one day writing something really phenomenal. After the mysterious death of his father, which could be a suicide, Davide returns to live with his mother in Rome. The greatest desire of the deceased Ettore was to be closer to Ludovica (Sharon Stone), a publisher who was planning to publish his autobiography. Seeking to better understand his father’s motives, and fascinated by the presence of this seductive woman, Davide decides to write the autobiography in secret, in the place of his father.

            Born Giuseppe Avati in Bologna (Italy) in 1938, Pupi Avati chose to pursue a musical career. During the mid-60s, he decided to devote himself to cinema, his other passion, which developed after watching Fellini's film 8 ½, a film about the life of a director.

            Avati began with horror films, and is now considered the Italian master of this genre, with features like (The House of the Laughing Windows, 1976) and Zeder (1983), which are considered his masterpieces. Extremely versatile, Avati directed and produced films with genres as diverse as historical pieces, dramas, comedies jazz biopics, etc. He has also collaborated with filmmakers like Pier Paolo Pasolini.

            Between 1968 and 2014 he made 41 films, scripted 47, and has been nominated several times for the Palme d'Or in Cannes, the Golden Lion at Venice, and the Golden Bear in Berlin. He also received numerous awards and in 2000 he received the World Film Festival award for Best Screenplay for The Via degli Angeli as well as the Grand Prix of the Americas.

            The World Film Festival takes place until September 1st. You can purchase tickets at the Imperial Cinema, Cinéma Quartier Latin, or through the Admission Network (Réseau Admission).


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