2013, Colour, Italy, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)
Original language : italian
Subtitles language : english


Production Team

Director : Maria Sole Tognazzi

Screenwriter : Ivan Cotroneo, Francesca Marciano, Maria Sole Tognazzi

Cinematographer : Arnaldo Catinari

Editor : Walter Fasano

Cast : Margherita Buy, Stefano Acorsi, Fabrizia Sacchi, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Alessia Barela, Leysley Manville

Music : Gabriele Roberto

Film production and Sales : Donatella Botti, Bianca Film, Via Francesco Saverio Nitti 15, 00191 Rome (Italie), tél.: (+39-06) 329 67 90, [email protected] / RAI Cinema, Rome (Italie), [email protected]



Irene has just entered her forties and has no husband, no children, and a job many people dream of: she’s an undecover hotel critic, the much-feared guest who arrives incognito to make a note of, assess, and judge the standards of luxury hotels. In addition to her job, in her life are her sister Silvia, married with children, somewhat hare-brained and always in a rush, and her former fiancé Andrea. Irene has no desire whatsoever for "stability": she feels free and privileged. But is this real freedom? Something will happen that will put a dent in her certainty.



Born in Rome, Italy in 1971, Maria Sole Tognazzi apprenticed as an assistant director before launching her own directing career making music videos and shorts: It Doesn't End Here (1997), I Was There Too (1999). She made her feature debut in 2002 with PAST PERFECT, and followed with THE MAN WHO LOVES (2008) and a documentary about Ugo Tognazzi, PORTRAIT OF MY FATHER (2010).



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