2013, Colour, Israel, First Films World Competition
Original language : hebrew
Subtitles language : english


Production Team

Director : Yariv Mozer

Screenwriter : Yariv Mozer. D'après le roman/Based on the novel: The Garden of Dead Trees. De/By: Yossi Avni-Levy

Cinematographer : Shahar Reznik

Editor : Amit Ginton

Cast : Yoav Reuveni, Moran Rosenblatt, Yariv Mozer, Yehuda Naharini, Yaron Biton, Hava Ortman, Ori Yaniv, Eyal Cohen

Music : Wouter Van Bemmel

Film production and Sales : Yariv Mozer, Mozer Films Ltd. (Israël), [email protected] / Regal Entertainement / Fish-Corb Films / Fig Tree Studios S.l. Ventes/Sales: Wide Management, 9, rue Bleue, 75009 Paris (France), [email protected]



He thought the letter was a mistake. Only his name appears on the envelope. “Dear Boaz, Don’t ask who I am or how I know you. I think about you a lot. I feel quite embarrassed to sit here at my desk and write you this letter, but I don’t have the courage for much else. I shall write again.” Boaz crumples it up. He’s so surprised that he giggles, blushes, checks to make sure no one’s looking. When he comes home to his girlfriend, Noa, she’s baking his favourite cake. They’ve been waiting to hear from the university about Boaz’s scholarship. It is 1989, when people still waited by their mailboxes. Boaz, 25, is a handsome linguistics student. Nearly every day he comes to the post office to find out about his scholarship. But instead he receives anonymous love letters. Their author is a deeply closeted homosexual. The persistent letters make Boaz uncomfortable. Every man is a potential suspect — but it is his own heterosexuality that Boaz really doubts. He’s now haunted by memories from his past... In his next letter, the secret admirer gives Boaz an ultimatum. "At precisely 22:00, Thursday, I will be watching your windows. If you want me to continue writing, you will turn the kitchen lights on and off three times… But if you do not, I will never bother you again. In that case, this letter will be my last."



Born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1978, Yariv Mozer graduated in cinema and television from Tel Aviv University. He directed several shorts and documentaries which showed at international festivals, garnering prizes along the way. These include Passiflora Waltz (2003), Calling You (2006), MY FIRST WAR (2008), ANOTHER WAY (2009), Bed Stories (2010) and THE INVISIBLE MEN (2012). He is a member of the European Film Academy and the Israel Academy of Motion Pictures. SNAILS IN THE RAIN is his first fiction feature.



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