2015, Colour, Sweden, World Competition


Production Team

Director : Jon Pettersson

Screenwriter : Jon Pettersson

Cinematographer : Nokokure Zaire, Jon Pettersson

Editor : Andrea Lamela, Jon Pettersson

Cast : Simon Carlsson, Casper Sand, David Thorén, Johanna Hedberg, Lars Bethke, Justine Kirk, Rasmus Troedsson

Music : Jonas Hörnqvist

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Jon Pettersson, Ellinor Andreasson, Glimmer Film, Jungmansgatan 10, 441 39 Alingsås (Suède), tél.: +46 (70) 985 9928, [email protected]



The story takes place in the summer of 1995 outside Gothenburg, Sweden, during the rise of neo-Nazi violence that was sweeping across the country at that time. It is the true story of a real teenager, his friends and family. John is caught up in defense of a student who is being bullied in school. As the conflict with the bully escalates it soon causes strains between John and his friends. While John is trying to win back his friends, the bully joins a violent neo-Nazi gang. This also casts a long shadow over John’s plans of a future motorcycle vacation with his girlfriend and his training for the upcoming national canoeing championships. The conflict escalates to threats of murder and finally becomes a national issue. His courageous actions transformed John Hron into a symbol of heroism and his name is iconic in Sweden even two decades later.



Born in 1982, Swedish filmmaker Jon Pettersson enrolled at a very young age in film directing at university and, upon graduation, quickly sold two of his short films to television: Skuggan (2005) and Badvakten (2005). He subsequently directed Skönheten (2007) and A Waking Contradiction (2008). His first feature, JOHN HRON was self-produced.



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