2015, Colour, Belgium, Netherlands. The, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Lukas Bossuyt

Screenwriter : Lukas Bossuyt

Cinematographer : Stijn Van der Veken

Editor : Philippe Ravoet

Cast : Koen De Graeve, Matteo Simoni, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Karina Smulders, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Bart Hollanders

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke, Caviar Films, Brialmontlei 10, 2018 Anvers (Belgique) / Pupkin Film, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas).



It’s 2013. When Viktor, 8, pays a visit to his friend Lena, 10, in the hospital, he promises her to create a time machine that will enable him to go back in time and stop the car that ran her over. Twenty-five years later, Viktor discovers a way to send e-mails back in time and he now has the opportunity to prevent the accident. But he is hesitant: is this what Lena would want? Viktor and the beautiful Lena are together and expecting their first child. Lena is happy and changing the past comes with a certain risk. Only when Lena is humiliated on account of her disability does an emotional Viktor decide to send an e-mail to 2013. He asks a young man, Tom, to stop the car that will run over Lena. But it does not go according to plan. The car changes course and instead of little Lena, Tom's girlfriend is run over and killed. Twenty-five years later, the repercussions of this accident are great. Indeed, Lena is no longer in a wheelchair but she is also no longer with Viktor, but with Tom. The unknowing Viktor leads a quiet and slightly lonely life. He is still secretly in love with Lena but he knows he doesn't stand a chance with her... Then, a former assistant of his tells Viktor about the email and its impact. Can he change the course of history once again?



Belgian filmmaker Lukas Bossuyt had a creer as an engineer mapped out for himself but after graduating with a degree in civil engineering he changed course and enrolled in the London Film School. He launched his new creer writing scripts, especially for Flemish TV series such as De Rodenbrugs and Asp, and he began directing commercials. He directed two short films, Strawberry Flavour (2000) and Elisabeth, before making his debut in features with SUM OF HISTORIES.



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