2015, Colour, Kyrgyzstan, First Films World Competition



Production Team

Director : Dalmira Tilepbergen

Screenwriter : Dalmira Tilepbergen

Cinematographer : Akjol Bekbolotov

Editor : Eldiar Madakim

Cast : Anvar Osmonaliev, Taalaikan Abazova, Nurjigit Kanaev, Munara Dooronbekova

Music : Murzali Jenbaev

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Goulmira Kerimova, Kyrgyzfilm, 1 Dinara Asanova Street, Bishkek (Kirghizistan), tél.: +99 (631) 231 48 75, [email protected]



This modern day re-working of the biblical tale of Cain and Abel is set in a remote mountain village in Central Asia. Two brothers, rebellious Kerim and conscientious Aman, live with their mother and work at the family stonemason business. Their father has been forced to find work in Russia in order to pay off Kerim's debts, incurred as a result of his eldest son's drug dealing activities. The brothers both fall for a local village girl, Saltanat, which ultimately leads to a bitter dispute and unforeseen and tragic consequences.



Born in 1967, Dalmira Tilepbergen graduated philology from Kyrgyz National University and has worked as a teacher, journalist, librarian and assistant director at the Kyrgyzfilm National Studio. She has written and edited several volumes of poetry. She began making her own films in 2001 with a short, Cap for a Falcon, and followed quickly with other shorts and documentaries, including Fragile Wings (2004), Crush Down from the Seventh Floor (2005), First Born (2007), Year of Fire (2011) and Well Being (2012). UNDER HEAVEN is her first fiction feature.



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Friday September 4, 2022 - 04:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11


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