2014, Colour, Italy, World Greats


Production Team

Director : Ermanno Olmi

Screenwriter : Ermanno Olmi

Cinematographer : Fabio Olmi

Editor : Paolo Cottignola

Cast : Claudio Santamaria, Camillo Grassi, Niccolò Senni, Andrea Di Maria, Francesco Formichetti, Andrea Benetti, Domenico Benetti

Music : Paolo Fresu

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Luigi Musini, Elisabetta Olmi, Cinemaundici, Viale Tunisia, 36, 20124 Milan (Italie), tél.: +39 (02) 670 43 99, [email protected] /Ipotesi Cinema (Italie).



“Loosely based on Federico De Roberto’s Fear and dedicated to his father who told him stories of the Great War, Ermanno Olmi’s (film) is a touching slice of life in the First World War trenches on the Italian front. Taking place largely at night in a monochrome world of black trenches and white snow, Olmi’s film appears to be filmed in black and white, but slowly glimmers of colour break through – as trees burst into flames and shells explode. Still, it’s a world drained of colour and life, the only moment of joy the postman’s singing, shared with the German soldiers during a snowbound ceasefire. Plagued by disease, bombs, loneliness and despair, characters shine briefly and then fade – some deployed elsewhere, others killed. While others take a moment to reveal their innermost feelings direct to camera, their melancholy at being isolated so far from their families also reminiscent of a contemporary crisis that has seen Italians leave their motherland in droves to make a living abroad. A stunning, honest and tender portrait of life in the trenches of the Great War, GREENERY WILL BLOOM AGAIN is a dark, bleak moment frozen in time, but one that with the ineluctable perseverance of time can only get better.” -- Mark Wilshin (



Though not among Italy's most internationally renowned filmmakers, Ermanno Olmi ranks as one of his country's finest, known for realistic films about the lives of average people that are infused with subtlety, sympathy and ambiguity. His 1961 film, IL POSTO, brought him to international attention and he quickly confirmed his mastery in THE FIANCÉS (1963). Selected filmography: THE TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS (1978, shown at the MWFF), THE LEGEND OF THE HOLY DRINKER (1988), THE PROFESSION OF ARMS (2001), TICKETS (segment, 2005), THE CARDBOARD VILLAGE (2011).



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