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Production Team

Director : Ventura Pons

Screenwriter : Ventura Pons, Josep Maria Miró. D’après/Based on: El pricipi d’Arquimedes. De/By: Josep Maria Miró

Cinematographer : Andalu Vila San Juan

Editor : Marc Farreras

Cast : Roser Batalla, Rubén de Eguía, Albert Ausellé, Santi Ricart, Diana Gómez

Music : Lluis Llach

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Ventura Pons, ELS Films de la Rambla, S.A., , Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 665, Baixos, 08010 Barcelone (Espagne), tél.: +34 932 31 08 48, rambla@venturapons.cat.



“In VIRUS OF FEAR, Jordi is a swimming instructor in a Barcelona municipal sports complex. He’s a good professional, gentle, intuitive, and affectionate. A child he is teaching to swim is terrified of the water and Jordi attempts to calm his fear by kissing him on the cheek. A fear, the water of his pool, that Jordi himself had as child, but not everyone sees the (alleged) kiss in the same way. He is accused of abuse, and in a few hours, undergoes a traumatic, emotional transformation that leads him from innocence to cruel suspicion -- a life under relentless scrutiny. And perhaps, to his own negation as an individual. But, how do those around him react?... A story of a radical humanism. An inconsequential fact becomes a deep social burden. As is occurring internationally with the great success of Miró’s play [on which the film is based], I hope that VIRUS OF FEAR, this virus, this fear, will become a metaphor of our times and help us understand.” -- Ventura Pons



After a decade as a theatre director, Ventura Pons (b. 1945) directed his first film in 1977, OCANA, which was selected for the Cannes Festival. With a score of feature films, sixteen of which were produced by his own company Els Films de la Rambla, S.A., founded in 1985, he has become one of the best-known Catalan film directors. He has been vice-president of the Spanish Film Academy and the subject of more than 30 international homages and retrospectives. Since 1995 he has concentrated on adapting works by Catalan writers. Among his more recent films: LIFE IN THE ABYSS (2007), FORASTERS (2008), A LA DERIVA (2009), MIL CRETINS (2011), YEAR OF GRACE (2011), AN AFTERNOON IN GENEVA (2013).



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