2014, Colour, Nicaragua, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Florence Jaugey

Screenwriter : Florence Jaugey

Cinematographer : Frank Pineda

Editor : Nino Martinez Sosa

Cast : Oscar Sinela, Paola Baldión, Roberto Guillén

Music : Rodrigo Barberá

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Florence Jaugey , Frank Pineda, Camila Films, Apdo. P-149, Linda Vista, Managua (Nicaragua)tél.: +50 (5) 22 65 85 41, [email protected]



College students Alex and Esperanza are deeply, madly in love. They text and call each other constantly; Alex even records a lovemaking session on his phone, over Esperanza’s objections. Alex’s best friend Octavio seeks to drive a wedge between the two lovers and finds the right opportunity when, after stealing Alex’s phone and discovering the video, uploads it anonymously on the web. From that moment on, nothing will be the same for any of the three.



Born in Nice, France in 1959, Florence Jaugey studied drama in Paris and began her career as an actress in the 1980s. In 1984 she traveled to Nicaragua to be the lead in the movie EL SEÑOR PRESIDENTE directed by the Cuban director Manuel Octavio Gómez. After several documentaries and shorts she made her directorial debut in features with LA YUMA (2009).



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