2015, Colour, Germany, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Rosa Von Praunheim

Screenwriter : Nico Woche, Rosa von Praunheim, Jürgen Lemke, Andreas Marquardt

Cinematographer : Nicolai Zörn, Elfi Mikesch

Editor : Mike Shephard

Cast : Andreas Marquardt, Marion Erdmann, Hanno Koffler, Luise Heyer, Katy Karrenbauer, Rüdiger Götzer

Music : Andreas Wolter

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Markus Tiarks, Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduktion, Konstanzer Strasse 56, 10707 Berlin (Allemagne), [email protected]



TOUGH LOVE is the true story of karate champion Andreas Marquardt, who became a brutal pimp, served eight years in prison and went through therapy reevaluating his own trauma of abuse by his own mother. By setting up a charity organization he successfully became an advocate for abused children. TOUGH LOVE tells the story of him and his girlfriend Marion, who worked as prostitute for him for many years and now is the only one who is still by his side.



Born in Riga, Latvia in 1942, Rosa Von Paunheim studied art at the Berlin University of the Arts and published Men, Narcotics and Death in 1967. His feature documentary, IT’S NOT THE HOMOSEXUAL WHO IS PERVERSE, BUT THE SITUATION IN WHICH HE LIVES (1970), established him as a leader of the German gays rights movement. He has directed over 60 films on gay and social topics.



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