2015, Colour, Canada, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Sean Garrity

Screenwriter : Jonas Chernick

Cinematographer : Samy Inayeh

Editor : John Gurdebeke

Cast : Jonas Chernick, Joey King, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Pollak, Greg Bryk, Clé Bennett, Jake Epstein

Music : Ari Posner

Film production and Sales : International Sales - Brady Bowen, Archstone Distribution, [email protected], 310-622-8773 Canadian Sales - Andrew Hunt, Northern Banner Releasing, [email protected], 416-668-4275 Production - Jonas Chernick, Banana-Moon Sky Films, 153 Tyrrel Ave, Toronto, ON, [email protected], 416-505-8803



Jonah plays poker at a seedy back room game overseen by Tubby, who reluctantly grants Jonah one hundred grand in credit, which Jonah promptly loses. The volatile Tubby takes Jonah’s family dog as collateral, and warns Jonah that if he doesn’t pay up by first thing in the morning, he and his daughter Aurora are going to get hurt. When Jonah appeals to his girlfriend Kyla for a loan, she dumps him, tired of his lies and his negligent parenting. But all this changes abruptly when Jonah discovers that Aurora has a serious medical problem. He and Aurora take a journey to the north and to redemption.



After spending years backpacking through Asia and South America, Sean Garrity returned to Winnipeg to begin a career as a filmmaker and musician, first creating music videos, then films, among them: INERTIA (2001, best first film at the Toronto Festival), LUCID (2005), ZOOEY & ADAM (2009), MY AWKARD SEXUAL ADVENTURE (2012) and BLOOD PRESSURE (2013).



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Sunday September 6, 2022 - 07:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 12


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