2015, Colour, Japan, Focus on World Cinema


Production Team

Director : Gen Takahashi

Screenwriter : Gen Takahashi

Cinematographer : Phil Harder

Editor : Yoshinori Ota

Cast : Takashi Sasano, Koji Matoba, Maki Miyamoto, Yuki Kazamatsuri

Music : Benjamin Be’doussac

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Yayoi Machida, Masanori Aikawa, Grand Kafe Pictures, 3 608, 2-7-1 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072 (Japon), tél.: +81 3 6233 6523, info.grandkafe@gmail.com.



YOKO THE CHERRY BLOSSOM chronicles the life of Masaaki Takaoka, a high school teacher in rural Japan. It is World War II and everyone is expected to support the war efforts of the military government. Eventually, when Japan's defeat becomes imminent, Masaaki's beloved students get called upon to join the last ditch efforts. Masaaki has no choice but to send them off, with the promise that they would all meet again under the beautiful cherry blossoms upon their return, despite knowing the odds of their survival are slim to none, not to mention his very deep and personal anti-war sentiment...



Born in Tokyo in 1965, Gen Takahashi began his career at Toei Studios in 1982 and made his directorial debut in 1991 with HEARTLESS and followed with YOUNG BLOOD TYPHOON (1995), LADY PLASTIC (2001), CHARON (2004, the same year he founded Grand Kafe Pictures), CONFESSIONS OF A DOG (2005), GOTH (2009), AN ORDINARY OPINION (2011), COURT OF ZEUS (2013).



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