Awards of the Montreal World Film Festival - 1979



Sergio Leone, director (Italy) President

René Clément, director (France)

Gratien Gélinas, actor (Canada)

Arthur Knight, film critic (U.S.A.)

Ted Kotcheff, director (U.S.A.)

Mordecai Richler, writer (Canada)

Bernhard Wicki, director (West Germany)




Feature films:


Grand Prix of the Americas / Best film:

« 1 + 1 = 3 » by Heidi Genee (West Germany)


First jury award:

« Il y a longtemps que je t'aime » (It's a Long Time I've Loved You) by Jean-Charles Tacchella (France)


Special jury award for photography:

« Deliver Us From Evil » (Szabadits Meg A Gonosztol) by Pal Sandor (Hungary)


Best actress:

Louise Marleau in the film « L'Arrache-Coeur » by Mireille Dansereau (Canada)

Graciela Dufau in the film « La Isla » by Alejandro Doria (Argentina)


Best actor:

Giuliano Gemma in the film « Corleone » by Pasquale Squitieri (Italy)


Short films:


Best short film:

« Nuit féline » (Feline Night) by Gérard Marx (France)


Jury award for short film:

« Interview » by Caroline Leaf and Veronica Soul (Canada)


Other awards:


International press award for the best Canadian feature film out of competition:

« Arthur Miller on Home Ground » by Harry Rasky (Canada)


Ecumenical jury award:

« Night Flowers » by Luis San Andres (U.S.A.)


Special ecumenical jury award:

« La Isla » (The Island) de Alejandro Doria (Argentina)


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