Thursday August 16, 2022


by Daisaku Kimura


Shinbei is exiled from his clan for investigating its activities too closely. Eight years later, when Shinbei’s dying wife pleads with him to go to help his former best friend, Umeme, he returns to the clan. Infighting has produced turmoil within the clan, allowing Shinbei to discover the truth behind incidents involving his wife and his friend. Confronting Umeme, he understands the reason for his wife’s last wish.


SAMURAI’S PROMISE is a film on greed and corruption in 18th century Japan. Daisaku Kimura is also a director of photography and worked as such on more than fifty film productions. He worked for many years with Akira Kurosawa, and is often compared with the famous Japanese director. The present film is produced by Toho, the most important film studio across Asia.


The opening night ceremony of the 42nd Montreal World Film Festival will take place on Thursday August 23, 2022 at the Imperial Cinema.





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