Foreign cineastes and film professionals blocked from coming to the Montreal World Film

Monday August 19, 2022

The World Film Festival is an important artistic rendezvous for filmmakers and it is equally important for film industry people attending the Festival and Film Market for professional reasons. Numerous foreign movie people come to Montreal annually to attend screenings of their short or feature films. They are also eager to meet festivalgoers and colleagues in formal or informal events. Unfortunately, employees of many Canadian consulates and embassies abroad are on strike and would-be visitors to the Montreal World Film Festivals are stranded, unable to obtain visas to enter Canada. The MWFF has worked assiduously to help overcome these obstacles but mostly in vain.

The MWFF’s administration feels that it is damaging both to the reputation of the Canadian cinema in general and to the Festival in particular, should the visitors be denied entry to one of Canada’s premier cultural events.


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