2013, Colour, France,Guadeloupe,Martinique,Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Documentaries of the World (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Bernard Bloch

Screenwriter : Bernard Bloch

Cinematographer : Jacques Mora, Jérôme Colin, David Heft

Editor : Christian Girier, Hervé Birolini

Film production and Sales : Frédéric Féraud, Bernard Bloch, Les Productions de l'œil sauvage, 3, rue Alberty Guilpin, 94250 Gentilly (France), tél.: (+33-01) 45 46 41 13,



From time immemorial there are countless tales of the sacred and symbolic relationship we share with cows. Rock paintings in Tassili n’Ajjer are a reminder of the origins of domestication and the ancient ties that men have forged with animals. In France’s Aubrac Mountains we meet cows that still have names. But the food processing industry is divorcing us from nature, and the urgent question is how we can re-establish our relationship with the larger community of living creatures. The proximity or distance between humans and animals invites us to ponder the fate of cattle as a means of studying the destiny of mankind.



French TV documentarist Bernard Bloch began his prolific career in 1975 and has dealt with a wide variety of social, sporting, scientific and artistic topics. Among them: Fatima (1975), Napoli Corner (1987), Cerveaux, morceaux choisis (1990), Les travailleurs de la preuve (1997), Managers encore un effort (2000), Marcel Ophuls parole et musique (2005), Le dur désir de durer (2008).



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