A word from the president

THE 41st MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL, August 24-September 4, 2017

Since its founding 41 years ago, the Montreal World Film Festival continues to offer film lovers and professionals a rich program based on cultural quality and diversity, innovation, independence and creativity. The success and international reputation of the Montreal World Film Festival are firmly linked to these principles and goals.

The World Film Festival is the only competitive film event in North America recognized by FIAPF, the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations.

Influence Communication, Canada's top information broker and aggregator, which collects and aggregates 700,000 news items from around the world, analyzed fallout from the Montreal World Film Festival and concluded that it is "Quebec's standard-bearer in international media", the Quebec cultural event that is the most widely covered around the world.

The exhibition of films in movie theatres has undergone considerable transformation in recent years. For a long time, even ahead of New York and Los Angeles, Montreal was the North American city where cinephiles could avail themselves of the broadest selection of works from around the world. These days, the programming of commercial cinemas is dominated by blockbusters. Without the Montreal World Film Festival and its annual selection of some 400 films from 80 countries, the Montreal film landscape would be drastically reduced.

In addition to its program of screenings, the Festival presents a wide series of film-related activities. We invite you to consult our web site regularly for details.

Bon festival!