2012, Colour, Belgium, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Bart Van den Bempt

Screenwriter : Bart Van den Bempt

Cinematographer : Rik Zang

Editor : Dieter Diependaele

Cast : Marc Peeters, Karen Vanparys

Film production and Sales : Ellen de Waele, Serendipity Films / Circe Films, Amsterdam, tél.: +31 20 625-3591, info@circe.nl / Denis Vaslin, Volya Films, Pays-Bas Ventes/Sales: Serendipity Films, Huigeveldstraat 37, 9550 Sint-Antelinks (Belgique), tél.: +32 499 46 36 95, ellen@serendipityfilms.be



A Belgian couple in their fifties, Herman and Marie, arrive in Istanbul. They don’t seem to be the usual tourists on a holiday trip; there is an underlying tension between them: sometimes they argue and then again they treat each other circumspectly. A bitter task awaits them: to retrieve the backpack of their deceased son. When they go through his belongings, the remainders of a lost life, they discover some undeveloped film rolls and a detailed notebook of their son’s last trip. This discovery gives Herman an idea. Although the original goal of their trip to Istanbul had been accomplished, he can’t let go. He is determined to reconstruct his son’s last journey, to see what his son has seen. Marie, on the other hand, decides to return to Belgium, hoping her husband will follow. When she realizes that Herman is determined to go ahead with his plan, and in order to protect herself and him from any danger, she changes her mind. She agrees to go along. Following their son’s fading footsteps, the two inexperienced travellers discover an unknown part of the world, but also of themselves and each other. Each of the conversations they have with the people they encounter, is a possible piece to fit into the puzzle of their shattered world, bringing them closer to their son and their acceptance of the frailty of life.



Bart Van den Bempt (1967) is a psychologist turned film director. Initially working as assistant director and producer, he became partner of production company, Roses Are Blue, in 1998, and began directing commercials. Seven years later, he decided to become freelance again, working for television and theatre, writing scripts and directing commercials. His film credits include De Zonnegod (1991), Viva (1992), Republiek (1993) and 15' Metromania (2000). 82 DAYS IN APRIL is his first feature.



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