2013, Colour, Belgium, World Competition (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Jan Verheyen

Screenwriter : Jan Verheyen

Cinematographer : Frank Van Den Eeden

Editor : Philippe Ravoet

Cast : Koen De Bouw, Johan Leysen, Veerle Baetens, Jappe Claes, Viviane De Muynck, Hendrik Aerts, Joke Devynck, Jo De Meyere, Chris Lomme

Music : Steve Willaert

Film production and Sales : Peter Bouckaert, Eyeworks NV, Fabriekstraat 43, 1930 Zaventem (Belgique), tél.: + 32 2 711 4354, fax: +32 2 453 0920, [email protected]



After a barbecue hosted by his boss, Luc Segers is driving home with his wife Ella and their daughter Anna. Along the way, they decide to stop and buy bread from a vending machine. While getting the loaf, Ella sees a man, Kenny de Groot, trying to crack it open with a crowbar, hoping to find some money. A fight breaks out and punches are exchanged. When a worried Luc decides to have a look, he is almost knocked down by Kenny trying to flee the scene. That's when Luc sees his wife lying in a pool of blood. He gets punched in the face and knocked unconscious. When Luc wakes up from his coma three weeks later, he is told that his wife didn't make it. He is able to identify the suspect and Kenny De Groot is quickly arrested. But, a few weeks later, Luc receives some bad news from his lawyer: due to a procedural error, Kenny De Groot has been released by the grand jury. Devastated by grief, Luc becomes obsessed with seeking justice. He neglects his work and starts following Kenny. He also begins collecting information on the Internet regarding miscarriages of justice and revenge killings. But this is going to be about more than revenge; it will be Luc Segers vs. the state.



Jan Verheyen (b. Temse, Belgium, 1963) started out as festival programmer and film distributor before making his directorial debut in 1991 with a teen comedy, BOYS, a big domestic hit that led to a short-lived stay in the U.S. and the straight-to-video thriller THE LITTLE DEATH (1993). Back in Belgium he adapted Tom Lanoye's bestseller in EVERYTHING MUST GO (1995), and followed with a strings of box office hits: Team Spirit (2000), Alias?? (2001), Team Spirit 2 (2002), GILLES (2005), Missing (2007), CUT LOOSE (2008), DOSSIER K (2009) and CRAZY ABOUT YA (2010).



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