2012, Colour, Italy, World Competition (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Toni Trupia

Screenwriter : Toni Trupia, Michele Placido, Leonardo Marino

Cinematographer : Arnaldo Catinari

Editor : Consuelo Catucci

Cast : Francesca Scianna, Michele Placido, Monica Barladeanu, Tiziano Talarico, Angela Demattè, Alessio Della Costa, Milena Lunelli, Gelsomina Bassetti

Music : Marco Biscarini, Davide Cavuti

Film production and Sales : Bobby Paunescu, Goldenart Production S.r.l., Via degli Artisti 23, 00187 Rome (Italie), tél. & fax: (+39-06) 6482 41 48, / Mandragora Movies (Roumanie) Ventes/Sales: Intramovies S.r.l., Via E. Manfredi 15, 00197 Rome (Italie), tél.: (+39-06) 807 72 52, Distributeur canadien/Canadian Distributor: Telelatino Network (TLN), 5125 Steeles Avenue West, Toronto, ON M9L 1R5 (Canada)



The tale of a journey from Italy to Germany, in 1962. It's the peculiar journey of Pietro, a 9-year-old whose mother has died and who sets out on a quest to find his long lost father who disappeared after migrating to another country. He is accompanied by a self-described friend of his father's, Benito, a young man with a dubious past who is looking for personal redemption and is willing to do anything to get it. During their journey, Pietro and Benito experience different worlds: the Bochum factory, the urban Italian community, the hostile environment for Italian immigrant workers ("Itaker" is a derogatory term for Italians)... "What ensues is a realistic document about the plight of foreign workers in Germany who are forced to deal with mafia connections (in the form of an evil don played by Michele Placido), seamlessly combined with a tender coming-of-age story of a surrogate father-son bond forming out of practical necessities. Francisco Scianna is fine, playing the man as self-involved rogue with a good heart. But it is young Titian Tatarico who steals the film with a rare child performance of steely determination and puppy-dog affection." – Ken Rudolph (Letterboxd)



Born in Agrigento, Italy in 1979, Toni Trupia moved to Rome, enrolled in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, apprenticed as assistant director to Mario Monicelli and began making short films. Among them Rigor mortis (1998), Fazzu tozza e jettu 'o ventu (2001), Arcipelago (2002), La morte del vecchio (2002), Za la mort (2003). In 2005 he assisted Michele Placido on ROMANZO CRIMINALE and he made his own directorial debut in 2007 with L'UOMO GIUSTO.



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