2013, Colour, Spain, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Mariano Barroso

Screenwriter : Alejandro Hernández, Mariano Barroso

Cinematographer : Raquel Fernández

Editor : Pablo Más

Cast : Eduard Fernández, Michelle Jenner, Nathalie Poza, Petra Martínez, María Morales, Marta Larralde, Lucía Quintana

Music : Ray Marhuenda

Film production and Sales : Rafael Portela, Domingo Corral, Kasbah PC (Espagne), tél.: (+34-60) 908 65 28,



Needing money, Nacho, a veterinarian, concocts a hare-brained scheme to sell five stolen heifers in Portugal. But his real debts are not monetary, and these he owes to the women who have been so important in his life -- his mistress, his mother, his psychologist, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend and his sister-in-law. He has accounts to settle with each of them.



Spanish filmmaker Mariano Barosso was trained in direction at the American Film Institute, the Sundance Institute and the Teatro Español in Madrid. He made his feature debut in 1993 with MI HERMANO DEL ALMA. Selected filmography: Éxtasis (1995), WASHINGTON WOLVES (1999), Kasbah (2000), Hormigas en la boca (2005), DARK IMPULSE (2012).



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