2012, Colour & B/W, Spain, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Valenti Figueres

Screenwriter : Valentí Figueres, Helena Sánchez

Cinematographer : Pablo Garcia

Editor : Carles Candela

Cast : Jordi Collado, Anthony Senen, Valentí Piñot, Marisa Ibañez, Victoria Cuevas, Joan Raga, Jordi Boixaderas

Music : Kuis Prado

Film production and Sales : Valentí Figueres, Los Sueños de la Hormiga Roja SLU, Calle Barón de San Petrillo 12, bajo izq., 46020 Valence (Espagne), tél. & fax: (+34) 63 612 766, / RTVE (Espagne),



A childhood friend of Sergei Eisenstein, Maxime Stransky is an actor in 1920s Moscow and an adventurer of the revolution, a counterfeiter, a Hollywood producer and… Stalin’s film editor. Maxime reveals his missions as Stalin’s actor-spy: his involvement in the Great Crash of 1929, his betrayal of Eisenstein, his two families -- Russian and American -- the Spanish Civil War, WW II, his epic flight from the FBI across the North Pole, his rise as a socialist hero, his sudden deportation to the Kolyma Gulag in 1952 and his disappearance... Fact or fiction?



Spanish filmmaker Valentí Figueres began his career in installation and video art shows. In 1996 he co-founded the Los Sueños de la Hormiga Roja production company. Since then he has written, directed and produced documentaries and feature fiction for Spanish broadcasters TVE, TV3 and RTTV as well as the History Channel. In 2009 he directed a feature documentary, LIVING ON YOUR FEET.



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