Blink / Blink

2013, Colour, Ireland, World Competition (short movies)
Original language : english


Production Team

Director : Conor Maloney

Screenwriter : Gavin O'Connor

Cinematographer : Ken Byrne

Editor : Conor Maloney

Cast : Gavin O'Connor, Roisin Murphy, Luke Griffin

Film production and Sales : Gavin O'Connor, Tony Callaly, Cashmere Media, 19 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4 (Irlande), tél.: +353 87 9887576,



A chance encounter with a woman triggers a man's subconscious and repressed memory. Visual stimuli activate flashbacks, defining moments from his life. As the past unfolds, each scene becomes intrinsically linked. Is this encounter chance or destiny?



-- Conor Maloney, who has been making movies from the age of 6, has directed numerous commercials and music videos, including clips for such bands as Sweet Jane, Identity Parade and Noise Control. He is currently developing a sci-fi love story. Blink is his first film.



Friday August 30, 2022 - 11:20 AM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL
Friday August 30, 2022 - 09:30 PM - THÉATRE MAISONNEUVE
Saturday August 31, 2022 - 04:30 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL


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