2013, Colour, Iran, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Danesh Eghba Shavi

Screenwriter : Karim Nikoonazar, Danesh Eghba Shavi

Cinematographer : Saeed Barati

Editor : Mahmood Yarmohammadloo

Cast : Abdoljabbar Eghba Shavi, Shahla Parvis Moradi, Jahangir Mirshekari, Tima Amiri, Parivash Nazarieh, Abuzr Kohanzadeh, Alirea Zamaninasab, Maryam Na'eemzadeh

Film production and Sales : Reza Mirkarimi, Soureh Cinema Org., Hozeh Honari, Nº 5, Second Street, Fatemi Avenue, Téhéran (Iran), tél. (+98-21) 8895 20 59, fax: (+98-21) 8898 20 57, naghibi@sourehcinema.com



On several occasions, on instructions from the shipbuilding company where he works, Hossein Moradi, a 60-year-old clerk from Abadan, has had to fire some of his colleagues. When he gets his latest downsizing order, however, Hossein tries to make the process more fair. He decides to have the workers themselves pick who is to be laid off by drawing lots. But one of the workers objects and gets into a fight with Hossein. A few days later, on the happy occasion of the birth of a grandson, Hossein’s children give him and their mother two tickets to travel to India. A few nights after the celebration, two armed thieves break into the house and steal the cash and all the presents. Hossein and his family suspect the angry shipbuilding worker who had threatened them...



Born in Abadan, Iran in 1979, Danesh Eghba Shavi began directing short films in 1988. He has worked as an assistant director and programmer in various Iranian film organizations over the past dozen years. TAJ MAHAL marks his directing debut in features.



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