For the Birds / For the Birds

2013, Colour, United States, World Competition (short movies)
Original language : silent film


Production Team

Director : Tara Atashgah

Screenwriter : Tara Atashgah

Cinematographer : Daniel Rink

Editor : Tara Atashgah

Cast : Chervine Namani, Nazli K. Lou, Kamran Malak Motiei

Music : David Reynolds

Film production and Sales : Tara Atashgah, Motamedia Productions, 1112 Montana Ave. #842, Santa Monica, CA 90403 (États-Unis), [email protected]



A crowd of people in Iran gather to watch the execution of a young girl. She cries and begs everyone for help. Horrified, people look away as the girl is about to get hanged, but one particular bystander cannot remain silent.



-- Tara Atashgah emigrated from Iran to the US in 2006 to become a filmmaker. She has since earned a BA in film production and a masters in screenwriting. Her thesis film, For the Birds, is based in the execution of Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh, aged 16, in 2004.



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