2012, Colour, Turkey, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)


Production Team

Director : Zubeyr Sasmaz

Screenwriter : Zübeyr ?a?maz, Mustafa Cevik

Cinematographer : Goran Mecava

Editor : Yusuf Ziya Kaya

Cast : Mete Horozo?lu, Hazar Ergüclü, Didem Balcin, Ali Sürmeli, U?ur Cinar, Hakan Boyav, Musa Unzular, Serkan Ercan

Music : Erkan O?ur

Film production and Sales : Zubeyr Sasmaz, ZS Film, Tesviiye Cad. Nº 39m Nisantasi / Sisli, Istanbul (Turquie), tél.: (+90-212) 241 83 00, [email protected]



Three individuals from three walks of life who become the unwitting causes of each other's suffering. Burcu is a young woman with a broken heart and a compulsion to be more beautiful, a potent combination that drives her to subject her own body to torture. Sena is a wide-eyed medical student whose brother is killed in police custody. Radicalized, she becomes involved in a bomb attack and a hunger strike. Eyüp has just lost his job at the newspaper. Now he loses his wife and children to a bomb. He can think only of revenge...



Born in Elaz??, Turkey in 1982, Zübeyr ?a?maz began his career as an actor while still in university, then apprenticed as an assistant director. After studying direction in Los Angeles and London he directed a couple of Turkish TV series as well as the films Muro (2008) and KURTLAR VADISI FILISTIN (2011).



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