2013, Colour, Germany, First Films World Competition
Original language : Allemand
Subtitles language : s.t.f. & s.t.a.


Production Team

Director : John Kolya Reichart

Screenwriter : John Kolya Reichart, Frank Hoffmann

Cinematographer : Dominik Berg

Editor : Elisa Purfürst

Cast : Andreas Bichler, Brigitte Böttrich, Milena Dressig, Alexandra Finder, Frank Jacobsen, Matthias Lier, Natalia Rudziewicz, Oliver Törner

Music : John Gürtler

Film production and Sales : Linda Dedkova, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Akademiehof 10, 71638 Ludwigsburg (Allemagne), tél.: (+49-7141) 969 103, / Bayerischer Rundfunk (Allemagne),



Eight people come together on a farm in the middle of nowhere. All of them are related by blood, friendship or love to Anton, who escaped his old life and disappeared some years ago and who has now reappeared and invited them to celebrate his 30th birthday. Anticipating the reunion, they put old grievances and injuries aside at first. However, as time passes without Anton showing up, frustration and anger begin to surface among the impatient guests. With old conflicts rising from the past at every turn, the eagerly awaited party turns into a ferocious family feud... "For a very long time, I knew that the history of my own family would play an important role in my graduate project. I wanted to make a movie about a broken family that had to face its conflicts before being offered the chance to recover. In my family's case, the sudden death of my sister Sarah,10 years ago, started this process. In the movie, it is Anton's 30th birthday party, to which his family and closest friends gather with great expectations, that brings about catharsis." -- John Kolya Reichart.



Born in Cologne, Germany in 1982, John Kolya Reichart studied philosophy and German literature before taking a degree in digital filmmaking, then continuing his film studies at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and Fémis in Paris. In 2012 he co-founded the Klimpel22 production house with Johanna Bentz and Tim Krüger. His directing credits include the shorts, Geschlossene Augen (2006), Fremd (2007), 10 minutes à Paris (2009) and Eintagsrebellen (2010). PARTY OF EIGHT marks his debut in features.



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