2014, Colour, France, First Films World Competition


Production Team

Director : Raphaël Neal

Screenwriter : Raphaël Neal, Alice Zeniter. D'après le roman de/Based on the novel by: Leslie Kaplan

Cinematographer : Nicolaos Zafiriou

Editor : Anna Brunstein, Charlotte Soyez

Cast : Martin Loizillon, Pierre Moure, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Philippe Laudenbach, Pascal Cervo, Françoise Lebrun, Marie Bunel

Music : Camille

Film production and Sales : Prod. & Ventes/Sales: Jean-Philippe Rouxel, Strutt Films, 143, rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris (France), tél.: (+33-06) 58 88 82 46, [email protected] / Jour2Fête, 9, rue Ambroise Thomas, 75009 Paris (France), [email protected]



Damien and Pierre, two high school students from wealthy families, decide to plan and carry out the murder of an unknown woman.



Born in Orsay, France in 1980, Raphaël Neal is a photographer whose work has been exhibited and published in France and internationally since 2005. His portraits and self-­portraits are inspired by cinema, literature, dreams and by his own life experiences. Raphaël is also an actor and has worked with many directors such as Claude Chabrol, Claire Denis, Alexander Sokourov and Sofia Coppola. FEVER marks his debut as a film director.



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Monday September 1, 2022 - 02:20 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 16


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