2013, Colour, Mexico, First Films World Competition



Production Team

Director : Christian Díaz Pardo

Screenwriter : Fernando del Razo, Christian Díaz Pardo

Cinematographer : Juan Pablo Ramírez

Editor : León Felipe González

Cast : Carlos Bardem, Gaston Peterson, Olga Segura, Harold Torres

Music : Galo Durán

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Laura Pinto, Harold Torres, Foprocine, Insurgentes Sur 674 Col.del Valle, 03100 Mexico City (Mexique), tél.: (+52-55) 5448 53 39, difuente@imcine.gob.mx / Laura Fino, Chacal Filmes, chacalfilmes@gmail.com



A young man who is a nobody in the world's biggest city, Gonzalez is desperate to be someone in life... and to pay off his debts. He discovers a quick path to becoming rich and he is willing to do everything in his power in order to make it happen.

"Gonzalez is without a job and (his expensive flat screen) TV, or rather the debts it has caused, are turning into a noose around the protagonist’s neck, forcing him to lie to his mother, who asks for her monthly check from him on the phone, and desperately interviewing for a new job -- any job, as unpaid bills keep accumulating. His financial dire straits lead him right into the arms of an unnamed church in Mexico City that’s lead by the charismatic Brazilian televangelist Pastor Elias. Gonzalez is assigned to work in the institution’s call centre, where the standard advice to any sort of woes from the calling customers is simple: if you give (money) to God through the church, God will eventually give back..." -- Boyd van Hoeij (Hollywood Reporter)



Mexican filmmaker Christian Díaz Pardo previously directed two short films, Los esquimales y el cometa (2005) and Antes del desierto (2010). GONZALEZ marks his directorial debut in features.



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