2015, Colour, Brazil, Portugal, World Competition


Production Team

Director : Luís Filipe Rocha

Screenwriter : Luis Filipe Rocha

Cinematographer : André Szankowski

Editor : Antonio Pérez-Reina

Cast : Joana Bárcia, Filipe Duarte, Miguel Borges, Mónica Calle, Manuel de Blas, Camilla Amado, Ana Risueño

Music : Mário Laginha

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Luís Galvão Teles, Fado Filmes, Lda, Avenia General Norton de Matos, 63 S/L DTO, 1495-148 Miraflore, Algés (Portugal), tél.: (+351) 2130 21 032, [email protected] / Luz Mágica Produções, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil), [email protected]



Maria and David live together in a modest housekeeper's room at José's house. Maria does cleaning jobs at several public institutions and looks after José, an elderly university lecturer afflicted with a degenerative disease. David merely survives. One day, David complies with an insistent request of José's and runs off with a big bag of money. Maria asks Lucas, a policeman, to find David, offering as a reward the money he stole. In the Azores, David withdraws from the world in a small cottage high up on the mountain of Pico Island. On his way there, on Faial Island, he becomes involved with Marina, a free-minded loner. They fall in love. Maria and Lucas track David to the Azores, look for him in Faial, where they come across Marina, and finally find him in Pico. When the quartet meet on the summit of Pico Island's volcanic mountain there will be a showdown.



Born in 1947, Portuguese filmmaker Luís Filipe Rocha graduated in law from the University of Lisbon. After establishing a career in the theatre as an actor, playwright and assistant director, he became interested in the cinema. In 1975 he made several short films for television and in 1976 he directed a documentary, Barronhos - Who Was Afraid of People's Power? His directorial debut in fiction features, A FUGA (1977), screened at international festivals, winning several awards along the way.



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