2015, B&W;, China, World Competition



Production Team

Director : Xing Jian

Screenwriter : Liu Jinkai, Xing Jian

Cinematographer : Chen Liyang, Gu Shouzhu

Editor : Xing Jian

Cast : Wang Deshun, Wang Shiwenqi, Huang Songbo

Music : Liu Suola

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Xing Jian, Beijing Yijie Film Culture Media Co., tél.: +86 (139) 1141 22 52, [email protected]



In the early 1990s, in northern China, an old man lived by himself. It was a snowy winter but every day, he would go fishing, bring his catch home alive and then put it back in the river the next day. Then, one day, the old man found an injured bird on his way home from fishing and took it home to heal. A new bond developed between the old man and his feathered friend and the bird quickly became part of the old man’s life. No more fishing. One day, playing with his new pet in the wood, the old man met a young boy who was immediately attracted to the bird. So much so that he followed the man home. One day, while the old man slept, the boy took the the bird out for fun but soon ran into a group of other boys intent on stealing the animal. In a moment of desperation the boy was forced to release the bird. When he returned to the old man’s house... no bird! But relationships are like that. They begin and sometimes they end. But when the young boy entered the old man’s life, something changed forever.



Born in Liaoning, China in 1984, Xing Jian is a painter, calligrapher and filmmaker. He began studying painting in primary school and majored in cinematography at university. He graduated from the Affiliated Secondary School of the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Lioaning and the Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University. SEVEN DAYS marks his directorial debut in features.



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