2015, Colour, Finland, Lithuania, World Competition


Production Team

Director : Mikko Kuparinen

Screenwriter : Mikko Kuparinen

Cinematographer : Tuomo Virtanen

Editor : Antony Bentley

Cast : Marie-Josée Croze, Mikko Nousiainen, Arly Jover, Eedit Patrakka, Jonas Braškys, Juozas Gaižauskas

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Mikko Tenhunen, Marko Antila, Kestutis Drazdauskas, Mjölk Production, Elimäenkatu 21, 00510 Helsinki (Finlande), mikko@mjolk.fi/Artbox, Labdari? str. 5, LT-01120 Vilnius (Lituanie), kestas@artbox.lt.



A French architect, Caroline (Marie-Josée Croze), 40, in Vilnius, Lithuania on business, has to spend an extra night in the city due to a delayed work meeting. At the bar of her hotel she meets Jaakko, 35, a Finnish DJ who is in Vilnius for a gig. Caroline lets him understand that she doesn’t speak English, and Jaakko doesn’t speak French. Although they lack a common language, they find themselves enjoying each other’s company. A pleasant evening ends up with them spending a night together in Jaakko’s hotel room. But in the morning everything changes when Caroline reveals that she can speak English after all. Jaakko is a little confused, but plays it cool. Caroline in turn is feeling a bit ashamed and relieved to be leaving the city. Her return home doesn’t proceed as planned, however, as there are no flights out of Vilnius due to an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption. Caroline meets Jaakko again and he suggests that they make the best of it and get to know each other better -- find out what they both are really like. How often does one run into a one-night stand in a foreign country again? Caroline decides to play along. What then follows is 24 hours that could change their lives, but do they dare to seize the opportunity?



Born in 1979, Finnish filmmaker Mikko Kuparinen made his directorial debut in 2005 with a short film, Homevideo, and followed that with two other shorts, Truth or Dare (2008) and Sirocco (2012) which won the H.C. Andersen Award, the Grand Prix at the Odense Film Festival, in Denmark. His first feature-length films, THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, an adaptation of a play, and MOBILE HORROR (2010), were directed for television. He made his theatrical feature debut in 2012 with the romantic comedy, BODT FAT INDEX OF LOVE (2012). 2 NIGHTS TILL MORNING is his first film in English.



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