2015, Colour, Spain, World Competition



Production Team

Director : Gracia Querejeta

Screenwriter : Antonio Mercero, Gracia Querejeta

Cinematographer : Juan Carlos Gómez

Editor : Leire Alonso

Cast : Maribel Verdú, Antonio De la Torre, Eduard Fernández, Nora Navas, Marian Álvarez, Alex O’Dogherty, Ginés García Millán

Music : Federico Jusid

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Gerardo Herrero, Tornasol Films, c/Veneras 9, Planta 7º, 28013 Madrid (Espagne), tél.: +34 (91) 102 3024, [email protected]



On her 40th birthday, Elia invites a few relatives and friends to a fancy house in the country. She has some extraordinary news: she has just won a lottery jackpot of 140 million euros! From that moment on, as the reality of Elia’s good fortune begins to sink in, the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense, and what started off as shared happiness gradually evolves into greedy plotting to get their hands on Elia’s new money. “One of Spain's foremost female directors, Gracia Querejeta has a reputation for spearing the hypocrisies of the Spanish middle class via solid, quietly-spoken, character-based dramas... (Here she) has assembled one of the best possible casts which Spanish cinema can provide to create this gang of morally disgusting individuals, though all the actors have the ability to suggest that their moral disgustingness is comprehensible.” -- Jonathan Holland (Hollywood Reporter)



Born in Madrid in 1962, Gracia Querejeta is one of Spain’s best known filmmakers. After graduating in history from Complutense University resumed an interest in cinema that she inherited from her father, the noted producer Elias Querejeta. She began directing for television, 7 Huellas, then made shorts and documentaries, including El viaje del agua, winner of the Goya for best documntary. Selected features: UNA ESTACION DE PASO (1992), ROBERT RYLANDS’ LAST JOURNEY (1994), BE BY MY SIDE AGAIN (1999), HÉCTOR (2004, shown at the MWFF), Siete mesas de billar francés (2006), 15 YEARS AND ONE DAY (2013).



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