2015, Colour, Brazil, Uruguay, World Competition


Production Team

Director : Roberto Gervitz

Screenwriter : Roberto Gervitz. D’après/Based on: Horse Hands. De/By: Daniel Galera

Cinematographer : Lauro Escorel

Editor : Manga Campion

Cast : Armando Babaioff, Mariana Ximenes, Áurea Maranhão, Daniel Volpi, Cesar Troncoso

Music : Luiz Henrique Xavier

Film production and Sales : Prod.: Monica Schmiedt, M. Schmiedt Produções, rua Felizardo de farias 156, 90660-130 Porto Alegre (Brésil), [email protected]



Hermano, a successful doctor and enthusiastic rock climber, is planning to climb an almost invincible mountain in the Tierra del Fuego, when he discovers that his wife Adri is pregnant. Though Adri desires this unexpected pregnancy, Hermano is a bit reluctant to be a father, and he is obsessed by the challenge of the mountain. For Hermano, facing the mountain represents an essential proof of courage that he believes he owes to himself. Despite discovering that Adri's pregnancy is at risk, he seems determined to go ahead with the climb. Stricken by guilt since adolescence for having done nothing to save his friend Bonobo from a brutal beating, which resulted in his death, Hermano now thinks he can only redeem himself with this heroic act. On the day of his departure, Hermano relives the tragic event that has indelibly marked his life, just as Adri is rushed to hospital in premature labour, with all the more serious risks that this entails. What are Hermano’s moral and personal options?



Brazilian filmmaker Roberto Gervitz began making Super-8 films while still in school and by the age of 20 made his first feature, a documentary on the workers movement in São Paulo. In the 1980s, he became a professional filmmaker, first as an editor, then as screenwriter and director. During a 30-year career, he has directed documentaries, television series and fiction films. Among them: Arms Crossed, Machines Stopped (1978), Feliz Ano Velho (1988) and Underground Game (2005).



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