2015, Colour, Italy, World Competition


Production Team

Director : Tonino Zangardi

Screenwriter : Tonino Zangardi, Beba Slijepcevic, Angelo Orlando. D’après le roman de/Based on the novel by: Tonino Zangardi

Cinematographer : Dario Germani

Editor : Andrea Gagliardi

Cast : Claudia Gerini, Marco Bocci, Marc Duret, Antonio Iuorio, Daniela Amato, Luca Cirasola

Music : Mammooth

Film production and Sales : Prod.: GIANLUCA CURti, TONINO ZANGARDI, ANGELO CALCULLI, VITTORIO FLAGIELLO, mINERVA pICTURES gROUP, Via DEL CIRCO , mASSIMO 9, 00153 rome (iTALIE), TéL.: (06) 8424 24 30, [email protected] / aTALANTE fILM.



Giuliana works as a cashier in a supermaket and has been married to Martin for ten years, an unremarkable marriage made up of quiet days, a union fortified over time and largely without a crisis. One morning, two masked robbers burst into the supermarket where she works, taking her hostage. Leonardo, an intrepid policeman on a nearby stakeout, intervenes forcefully to save Giuliana. Her life is never the same. And neither is his. “GETAWAY OF LOVE follows the central theme of all my films: love, the difficulty to love and be happy, the obsession of feelings, human frailty when overwhelmed by all this. Leonardo and Giuliana have two lives that cross at a particular time in their lives. Like two mirrors facing each other with the profound urge to merge. A man and a woman who deliberately decide upset their lives and fly with their own wings. A story that is not just a physical road trip but also a long inner journey that reconstructs their lives through their thoughts and memories.” -- Tonino Zangardi



A graduate of the Italian National School of Cinema (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia), Tonino Zangardi began his professional career in television, then made his big screen directorial debut in ALLULLO DROM in 1992. He followed that with UN ALTRO GIORNO ANCORA (1995), L’ULTIMO MUNDIAL (1999), PRENDIMI E PORTAMI VIA (2003), MA L’AMORE... SI! (2006) and SANDRINE IN THE RAIN (2008). Getaway of Love (written by Zangardi) is also a best-selling novel in Italy.



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